Brothers Keepers:  Joseph and Job (Kindle Edition) (maybe under Brothers Keeping)

Donald Strombeck (Author)

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Joseph ad Job were both afflicted with adversity, judges by them to be undeserving, disrupting their lives for reasons discerned by neither one. Were their sentences fair? Did they object to their condemnations to suffer? How did they bear their burdens? Were their vilifications justified? What did they have to do to find redemption? How righteous must the blameless be? How much can anyone be?

Justin's Journey (Kindle Edition)

Tristam Joseph (Author)

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Justin, entering life's labyrinth, struggles to define himself, listening to friends and advisors, some promoting their own truths, others witnessing to eternal truths. His chosen depiction invites trials and tribulations, justice and injustice, scorn and ridicule bringing him to discover joy and to bring his existence meaning. He becomes one not of this world and trusts his being's information will never be destroyed. His beginning is without ending.